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Strange 'droning noise that makes locals' bodies vibrate' spreads to village nearby
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Strange 'droning noise that makes locals' bodies vibrate' spreads to village nearby

A strange noise that has been bothering villagers for a year can now be heard from people living miles away too.

Residents in Earl Shilton, Leicestershire, said the low-frequency droning sound has become louder in recent weeks.


Now Brian Heath, who lives in nearby Stapleton, said the sound can be heard from there too.

He told Leicestershire Live : "It’s quite a heavy noise. It makes your body vibrate, the air is moving so much. It’s very low level, but you can feel the pressure on your body.

"It’s a weird noise, it could be drilling, driving through rock.

"I used to work for British Gas, we used to get a lot of tunnel boring. It’s a very deep sound. It’s there all the time."

People in Barwell can hear the strange sound too.


Brian said the noise does not bother him much, but he can hear it even while watching TV.

Ange Redshaw, who lives in nearby Barwell, said the strange sound can be heard 24 hours a day, even over traffic noise, and at night a vibration can be felt while lying on the pillow.


Local resident Robert Elsey, director of PES (UK) Limited, an engineering firm based in Burbage, suggested the source of the peculiar noise may be a noisy transformer.

He explained: "My company installs acoustic enclosures and walls around and in front of transformers to reduce noise affecting local neighbourhoods.

"We worked on a similar project about three years ago, noise from a large transformer made items inside a house vibrate."

Another person suggested the sound may be related to an electrical issue, as they said: "With the description of the noise being constant, pulsating and humming, this most likely points to it being an EMI (electric magnetic interference) issue, as it matches the characteristics of electricity.

"Similar to a dodgy light dimmer switch etc if you have ever heard one."

Severn Trent Water and Western Power Distribution told Leicestershire Live they were not aware of any issues in the area and they had not received any reports about the noise.



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